Doing Business in Kurdistan

Kurdistan has been described by the oil super-majors as the 'last great land-based exploration opportunity'. The arrival of ExxonMobil and its signing of oil and gas contracts for exploration rights to six parcels of land in Kurdistan endorses this viewpoint. With its distinct cultural identity, Kurdistan is attracting international attention, international big business and entrepreneurs.

Our 28th April breakfast briefing will hear from the leaders of two businesses operating in Kurdistan who will share their insights and experience of doing business there.

Taxation and compliance in the Kurdistan region

Open for business: Visitors to the Kurdistan region from certain countries do not need to prearrange a visit visa

Allan Fowlie, CEO of consultancy Tiller, explains the differences between federal Iraq and the Kurdistan region business environment.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has wholeheartedly encouraged development in the semi-autonomous northern region of Kurdistan through, among other things, the passing of two significant pieces of legislation: a business-friendly investment law in 2006 and a petroleum law based on production sharing in 2007...